• Product Name: LB-DZ180C20-Y
    Product Details  
    1)Model: LB-DZ180A20
    2)Power supply: AC220V/50HZ
    3) Environment temperature: -20°C to +70°C
    4)Rated power: 180W
    5) Remote control distance: ≤50m
    6)Length of beam: ≤6m
    7)Time for up/down: 6s
    8)Size : 370x 270x1080mm
    9)Net weight: 70kgs
    1)Simple structure, but it has high mechanical intensity and high reliability,  practicality and without maintenance; over 20 years life-span.
    2)This model of barrier gate can match with straight beam( pole) , fold beam or fence beam.
    3)The housing box is made of A3 steel, anti rust,electrostatic painting, which can resist ultraviolet and is fadeless under sunlight.
    4)The balance equipment made the lifting and falling stable and all the process is smooth without any noise and shaking.
    5)Use layser no touch proximity limit technology, which assure the switch has no failure in one year, and 1/10,000 rate of ailure over two year.
    6)Opening priority.
    7)Specially has function of mechanical anticollision, and it also match with pressure electric wave anticollision and loop vehicle dectetor.
    8)Denpends on different case, it can be controlled by hands, romote controller or electric button.
    9)Buit-in control box, with waterproof design, which assures the stable performance and its long life-span .
    10)Loop detector connection and IC system connection are reserved for other functions.        
    11)The inside of the housing box have steel shelf support, so it's very strong.

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