• Product Name: LB-DZ50A10
    Product Details  
    1)Model: LB-DZ50A10
    2)Power supply: AC220V/50HZ
    3) Environment temperature: -20°C to +70°C
    4)Rated power: 50W
    5) Remote control distance: ≤50m
    6)Length of beam:≤7.5m
    7)Time for up/dowen:10s
    1)Special energy-saved motor, the beam can run highly frequently.
    2)Spring balance system keeps the beam in balance at any position.
    3)Speed can be simulately changeable when it moving to assure that the beam doesn't shake.
    4)High,medium,low speed are adjusted by PLC logical controll system, which is reliable and advanced.
    5)The struture is linking pole structure on the base of motor elements; with revolving manual releaser for operation of lifting and falling.
    6)Opening priority
    7)Double pearl universal axletree for pivot, powerful boom, of little noise and durable.
    8) Extra size housing box and gearing, high mechanical intensity.
    9) Specially has functions of mechanical anticollision, assuring without crash to the cars forever.
    10) The inside of housing box has steel shelf support, so It's very strong.

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