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    Intelligent Traffic Control System in the (ITS), the license plate recognition system is a very important part, especially in highway toll system has wide application prospects.

    Zhongshan City, the Blue Wave Intelligent Systems Engineering Limited, license plate recognition system consists of two technical modules: image recognition module and the optical imaging module. Image recognition is a certain amount of information based on image processing, separation, extraction, matching the results of treatment are given recognition. Reasonable optical imaging systems can provide sufficient image information, that is, a clear image as much as possible, so that the system to achieve a sufficiently high recognition rate.

    Auxiliary light source in this system using our patented technology, day or night, regardless of environmental conditions, can be very clear license plate image, greatly improving the recognition rate of the system. And this secondary light source driver will not cause visual interference or stimulation.

    This system is the use of image analysis and pattern recognition, real-time video stream from the camera images to identify the vehicle, and license plate number recognition, without laying in a sense coil. To capture and identify the high-speed vehicle license plate number and vehicle type can be compared with the use of the system supports a variety of user interface.

    System Advantages
    1. Without laying on the road and the sense coil
    2. Low cost operation
    3. To improve the tracking results of the target vehicle

    System Features
    1. To capture and identify the high-speed vehicle license plate number
    2. Energy and car-shaped compared with the use of the system
    3. Support a variety of user interface

    1. Parking vehicle access control
    2. Highway toll management
    3. The detection of stolen vehicles and theft
    4. Transportation Statistics and Management

    System equipment
    1. Security with cameras
    2. Desktop computer
    3. Video capture card

    Performance of the system

    1. Recognition rate (license plates numbers and letters)


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